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Monday, August 15 2022

Pater Noster sung by Ysabella Brave (Official)

Here is her version of the Lord's prayer in Latin. I hope you enjoy her music, her singing, and the lyrics that God wrote. For the glory of God and His kingdom.



It's Time For A New Party


This country is in trouble. Sadly this trouble is caused by a minority of people in this country. I think that we are currently in a Civil War. Now this battle isn't being done through military, but through the political parties in the USA and man of the news services (mainly the “talking heads”)

Now most people in both the Republican and Democrat parties are great people who have different views on many issues. They are willing to compromise on their values for the betterment of the country. They are willing to have conversations where they listen to each others views which causes them to become stronger in their beliefs, but also change their beliefs on other issues.

But the problem is that the far ends have such a hold on the national news media and the talking heads on TV and radio that it makes it difficult for any other party to become known. We keep hearing that we have a “two party system', when in fact we don't. From time to time we hear about another party, but it doesn't happen that often that the news media will mention any of them unless the person already has some kind of fame or if they feel that the person is running to keep another person from winning.

If you take a look at Wikipedia, you will find a list of political parties that not only exist, but ones which have come and gone. Maybe it is time for those who are “Independent” to join some of them in order to get the two major parties to stop thinking about their own interest, but the interest of all of the people of the United States. With any luck, most will join just one of them, which I believe will force them all to work together and compromise on things.

This divide is killing this country, and my belief is that this will be a solution that will truly make the USA a place for ALL of its citizens.


Sunday, August 14 2022

The Eyes Have It

RoyaleJelly's "You Inspire Me" Ft. St_Clinton & ListenHearNow

I wish that there was a way for me to embed this, but here is a link to a peice that I wrote over a decade ago.


"You Inspire Me" by St_Clinton

Keb' Mo' - Christmas Is Annoying (Official Video)

Saturday, August 13 2022

"Strange Fruit" Sung By Shana Tucker

"Strange Fruit" Sung By Shana Tucker


Welcome to my website

I have had different looks to this website over the years, and figured that it was time to change it again. I plan to actually get back to bloggng again about different thoughts and things going on around the world, along with other stuff here. Feel free to create an account and leave comments.

Forever In Christ,



The Start Spangle Banner

Gotta Start off with this one. Hanne is someone that I have worked with, and find her to be a wonderful person.