Why Are The Heavens Being So Cruel?

I never did get to find out her name, for I was to shy to ask, but I will always remember her as the most beautiful lady that I have ever seen in my life. To call her Goddess of Beauty would only be an insult to her, for she was beyond that.

I was standing outside of the offices smoking a cigarette and looked up to see a woman crossing the street. I really didn't think much of it, as I always saw somebody crossing the street. But something in me said to look again. “Wow”, I thought to myself, for she appeared to be very attractive, but I figured that she would just keep going down the street that she was on, and I wouldn't get to see her up close.
I turned my head and looked down towards Jack London Square and watched as a passenger train went by. I guess that I had always been fascinated by trains ever seen my father bought me a train set when I was a very small kid. How I dreamed of one day just hoping aboard one and traveling all over the country, and maybe some day I will.

“Hi”, I suddenly heard this beautiful voice say.
I turned to see who it was as I quickly thought about whom else was around me, and I didn't remember seeing anyone else. Then my eyes cleared up. Before me was the woman that I watched cross the street. My heart began to race as I said a quick hello to her as she turned to go into the office building.
I watched her as she walked in, and I realized that I have never seen such beauty. “Oh the heavens must be playing a joke on me,” I thought to myself. Not only was she beautiful, but also I knew that she was intelligent, and a woman with a brain just turns me into Jell-O. Now I have met many people in my life, from politicians, people that have been in the Olympics (and one who even won gold,) stars, professional sports players, business owners, and so many more, even people that were homeless, but none of them where like her, and that being the Total Package.
I know what you are thinking, “how does he know that she is all of that when she had only said one word to her?” I can't explain it, but I knew.
I watched her walk into the building and down the hallway, and then I turned back and looked out into the street. Could it be true? Could I of seen somebody as beautiful as that? Surely the heavens were playing a joke on me, and I know that I will never see her again except in my dreams. Yes, that's it. I was daydreaming that I saw her.
I finished my cigarettes and went back up into the office and back to work.

A few days had passed, and I was standing outside of the building smoking another cigarette, when I heard this voice from behind me say “Hi”.
I quickly turned to see myself looking at her. Oh how cruel the heavens are, so they have decided to play with my head again. Haven't I been good? I go to church every Sunday. I'm the Senior Warden at the church, and am involved with many things not only in the church, but I'm involved with things in the diocese. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I'm not into jumping into bed with any woman until we both know it's right. I'm not into wild parties. Yes I smoke, but please Lord let me know why you are being so cruel to me and causing me to daydream again about this woman. She can't be real. But I watched her as she walked up the street, crossed to the other side and vanished.

The Blue Angels were over in the city for a couple of shows, and I always do my best to go over and see them as I think that they put on a wonderful air show. This year the Canadian Snowbirds were also going to be there and I had read wonderful things about them in one of the Usenet newsgroups. I had jumped on my bicycle and went over, and both groups put on wonderful shows. I really wasn't ready to come home, so I decided to ride my bike in the opposite direction. I rode until I reached the Golden Gate Bridge, then down through some of the paths. I noticed some cats playing around down near the water, so I got off of my bicycle and walked over towards them. They stopped playing and looked at me, then went back to playing like I wasn't even there. I sat down on a rock and watched as boats and ships went under the bridge.
Suddenly I felt these hands begin to massage my shoulders. I started to turn around when I heard this female voice say to me, “Just keep looking forward and enjoying the sites. Don't worry, I'm not here to rob you, I am doing something that I have wanted to do for a while. Just stay quiet.”
I knew the voice. It was her. Why are the heavens being so cruel to me?
“I spotted you at the air show, and followed you here as you rode along on your bike. I wasn't going to follow you much further, and I am glad that you stopped here, for this is such a wonderful place to just sit and take in the wonders of this planet. This is a great place to sit and think about things in your life.” I started to say something, but suddenly she said for me to be quiet and to enjoy the wonders things that are occurring.
I'm not sure how much time had gone by, but the next thing that I remember is that the two cats that were playing earlier were resting at my feet. I looked around, but nobody was there, just me and the cats. I petted the cats for a bit, then they scurried off. I jumped on my bicycle and went home wondering why the heaven's were being so cruel to me.

I enjoy going to small theaters from time to time to see a play. I don't know why I decided to go and see the play, but I went. Not many people were there for this play as there were empty seats around me and throughout the theater. The house lights dimmed as the show was about to begin. Suddenly I felt someone sit next to me. I started to turn when suddenly there was a voice that said to continue to look at the stag for the play was about to begin. I knew the voice, and began to wonder if the heavens were trying to tell me something or were just being cruel again. I decided that when the play ended I was going to speak to her regardless of what she said. I just had to at least find out her name. The play was wonderful, as it made me laugh, think, and even brought a tear to my eye. It's a shame that this was closing night, as I would of enjoyed coming back to see it again. As the lights came up, I turned to say something to her, but she was gone. The people were exiting, and even with the few people there, I didn't see her. All that I could do is sit and wonder why the heavens were being so cruel to me.

From time to time I would be standing outside the office building, and I would see her either coming or going. We would say hi to each other, but I never had the chance of being able to find out her name, as she was always on her mobile phone talking with someone. Regardless of how she was dressed, she always had the air of beauty and intelligence about her.

It was a Sunday and church was over, so instead of going home I decided to go to the art museum. I enjoy going to the museum from time to time to look at the art and figure out what the artist is saying to me. Yeah the experts can talk about what they think the artist was trying to say, but I am of my own mind and can think for myself, besides it's much more fun my way as I it permits me to make up fun stories about the art and artist.
I was standing their looking at a piece by Monet, which I found real interesting. I was thinking about him as he made each stoke with the brush and wondering if he was really happy with the end result. Suddenly I felt myself being wrapped up in someone's arms, then it came. Yes that voice that was telling me that the heavens were going to be cruel to me again. We went from painting to painting, room to room looking at all of the artwork. Whenever I would try to say something, she would put her hand over my mouth telling me to be quiet. Even though I wanted to say something to her, just being with her in the museum was enough to keep me happy.
I was standing and looking at a statue when I heard this voice call my name. It was a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in a few years. He told me that he was the head of the museum now, and asked if I would be interested in seeing the newest piece of artwork that has just arrived. He told me that he had never seen anything as beautiful as it and that he thinks that I would enjoy it. I said sure, then turned to bring her with me, for surely it would be great to see this with someone as beautiful as her. But when I looked around she was nowhere to be found. I asked him if he saw what happened to her, but he didn't know what I was talking about, as when he saw me I was alone.
Oh my mind, I must be losing my mind. Why are the heavens being so cruel to me?
We walked over to a door where he pulled out a card that let us in. Down a hallway, then into another. I saw some guards standing there when my friend lifted his hand to show them his card, then told them that it was OK as I was with him. We walked into the room and there stood a large crate on some wheels. He took a hammer and used it claws to open up the crate, and inside stood a statue. I walked up closer and suddenly realized that it was her. This was a perfect statue of her. Was she some kind of Goddess from the past that has come back to haunt me? All that I could do was stand there and marvel. I asked him when it had arrived, and he told me that it had come in about 2 days earlier, and that this was only the second time that crate had been opened. I asked him what the name of the statue was, but he said that the artist choose not to tell anyone. I began to wonder why the heavens were being so cruel to me.

Some time had gone by, and I decided to go to the Cliff House in San Francisco for dinner one night. I had provided some music for a service and the family had given me some money for my work. I would of actually done the service for free, as the child the service was for was very special to me. I was given an excellent table right next to a window that overlooked the ocean, and with the fog not coming in that night it was wonderful looking out at the horizon and seeing the stars and ships in the night.
The waiter came over to take my order, and just as I was about to tell him, a voice came from behind me telling him that she was going to order for me. I knew who it was, but as I began to turn my head, her hands grabbed my head and forced me to look forward. No matter how hard I tried, I could not turn and look at her. The waiter wrote down what she said then left. I relaxed my body, then the hands released me. I shuck my head, then turned to face her, but she was gone. I looked all around the room but didn't see her. It was like she had simply vanished. I began to wonder why the heavens were being so cruel to me yet again.

After I finished eating the wonderful meal that she ordered for me. I asked for the check and was told that my meal had been paid for.

I left the restaurant and walked down to the lower level where I found an old arcade. I enjoyed myself in there playing the antique games, as they were unlike the modern games with all of the violence, but simply fun. I came out and walked over to the giant camera. I walked up to the ticket booth and the guy told me that he was about to close. He thought about it for a second, then told me to not worry about the money and to go on in. It was interesting to look around for they had many things of interest. In the center of the camera was a reflection of the ocean outside. As I stood there and looked at it, the guy came in and said that I would like things even better with the lights turned out. He left the room and suddenly the lights went out. Things in the room much better and more fascinating. As I stood there, I heard a voice from behind me. It was her. She came and stood beside me and told me not to say a thing. She grabbed my hand and we stood there and looked at the ocean. Some time went by as we moved from exhibit to exhibit each one looked far more interesting and fascinating with the lights out and with her with me.
We left the camera and walked down to the beach. The ocean breeze was just right as we listened to the sounds of what was around us. As we walked, I spotted a rose lying on the ground. I picked it up and looked at it. It was the perfect rose. A rose unlike any other. I turned and gave it to her. She smiled and gave me a kiss upon the cheek. We walked a little further, then we turned and looked at the ocean. She said that we should close our eyes for a minute and listen to the sounds of the night. The sounds were wonderful as I just listened. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later to tell her that I really wanted to get to know her, she was gone. I looked all around, but she wasn't there. All that I could do was to look up into the sky and wonder why the heavens were being so cruel to me.

Time after time, place after place she would appear, always looking ever so heavenly beautiful, but it would always seem as though the heavens would be so cruel to me and she would vanish before I could find out her name.

I was lying in my bed with my children and wife around me for I was soon to die. Even though I had seen that woman long before I met my wife, I had always been honest with my wife and she knew of what had occurred with the other woman, and she accepted the fact that this other woman would somehow always be in my life, and I think that is one of the reasons that I was always faithful to her. I look at my kids and let them all know that I was proud of each and every one of them. They were not of always been the best kids in the world, but I could do nothing less than love them.
Suddenly my wife and kids parted and in she stepped. I looked at her, then at my wife and laughed. My wife looked at me and said that she wanted to have all of the love around me that she could possibly get. She told me that they had met a while ago and had become good friends.
I looked up at her and began to speak. She told me to be quiet and that she will tell me the answer to the one question that I have had all of these year.
“My name is ...” she said.
Just as she was about to say it I looked at my wife and kids, smiled and then died. Why were the heavens being so cruel to me?

It was finally my time to ask the heavens any question that I wanted answered. What was I going to ask, for I had so many questions. I could of asked the meaning of life, or anything else, but I knew the question that I had to ask.
“When it came to her, why were you being so cruel to me?”, I asked to a chair that was facing away from me.
The chair slowly turned around, and it was her.
Oh why are the heavens being so cruel to me?