Telephone Numbers

 I don’t quite get it. When people give their telephone number they want to race through it. Someone will call you and get your voicemail, speak at a nice pace through the message, but the moment that they get to their phone number it is like they are in a race. Do people seriously want you to call them back? I don’t get why people need to do this.

 This is not just a problem with people calling each other, but I notice it on radio shows also. One of my God-daughters was a radio personality, and she worked at different Spanish speaking radio stations. Now my understanding of Spanish is bad, but every so often I would turn on her station just to hear her voice, but I could always tell when she was saying the telephone number, as it was like most other people, quick.

 Now most of the time when I leave a message or give my number to someone, I do it slowly so that they can understand what I am saying, but I will admit that from time to time I will race through it. If I am on someone’s voice mail, most of the time I will repeat my number so if a person was in the process of grabbing a pen or pencil, they can get any number(s) that may have been missed.

 Basically, all that I am asking is that you slow down when saying a telephone number. If you have said it fast on my voicemail and I don’t return your call, figure that I couldn’t understand it because of the speed you said it at.