Redefining Success with You in Mind

This is a video of a seminar that a woman named Bryn Drescher did. I watched it and it had me rethinking things when it comes to Success and other things. I will post a blog about my thoughts soon, but I think that it is worth watching. It's about an hour long, and open you mind as you watch, as it could make you a better person.

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The Conservatives

Maybe it's just me, but the more that I listen to the "Conservatives" in this country, the more that I realize that they really want to go back to the caveman times. Seriously. A true conservative could never accept anything new, as it is impossible, as to do something new and to come up with new ideas requires a Liberal mind and thinking. The Conservatives don't want anything to change, but to always remain the same. It takes a Liberal Mind and thinking to accept such things as ending slavery, women's rights, the Internet, and so much more.

The American Dream

Been thinking today a lot about the people who have come into the USA illegally and the things that I hear people say in this country. Now I am not one who is trying to condone those who have come here illegally, but I do wonder if there is a pathway that can give those who were brought here as small children a pathway to citizenship.

And The Rest Shall Follow

 Even though I had been on the Internet back in the 70s, I really began to seriously use it around 1990, back when people would use it through BBSes to use Usenet. Usenet was such a wonderful thing where one could meet people and have great conversations. I tried to tell people about it and that it would be the future, but people wouldn't take it seriously.

Retro TV

 I used to have cable, then satellite, but now I am watching what comes over the air for free. Why? Oh cable and satellite are fine, but I don't watch as much TV as I used to watch, plus I can fine much of the stuff that I am interested in online anyway.

Death Of the Poetry World?

When I was a child, my parents brought me and my sisters up surround and seeing many different things in life. It wasn't just one style of music, but many. We saw all kinds of plays and movies, and experienced many other things. One of the things that they did was to bring poetry into our lives. As an adult I realize that they did it so that we didn't live in a limited world.

Thank You Donald Trump

 So you claim to be the person who got President Obama to show his birth certificate to the world, then in your press conference and at other times you have complained about China... I have a suggestion to you Donnie Trump, have your company stop buying stuff from China. Don't put Chinese Made stuff into your hotels, apartment buildings, casinos, etc. Take some of those billions of dollars that you have an open up factories in the United States and hire on US Born citizens.


 I am sure that this is true with other websites, but Skype and those other sites really need to think. I am setting up my ex-boss's computer for his trip back to New York, and I figured that I would at least download Skype and install it onto his computer, but not sign him up for it. I figured that by doing it this way, it would give him the option to sign up for it if he wished, and have the software already on the machine. But NO. In order to install Skype, you have to sign up for it first. What Idiots!!! Hey Skype, let people install the software without having to sign up.