I don’t get it

 One of the interesting things about living in this city is the way that visitors seem to act. Now I know that this city survives because of them (and I used to be a visitor also,) and I am not really talking about most them, but the place seems to attract a certain kind that bug my thinking.

  OK, I will admit that I gamble more than I really should, and I have decided that I am going to cut way back on the slots and just play Keno from time to time. Keno is a fun game, and one can play several games ahead, so one can just sit there and watch and listen to the sounds around me.

 Walking through casinos is interesting, as people will have there choose of beverage in their hand, but for that certain select group they will stand around and talk. Now I don’t mind that, but it seems to be that they want to have these standing conversations along pathways where people walk. They stand there thinking that they look cool, but the truth is that they really don’t.

 I also find it interesting that people will go in and sit at a machine and not play, but will be on their cell phones talking. I’ve heard some of the conversations, and it seems to be a bunch of talk about nothing. Now I can understand when the conversations are about sports or gaming, but my guess is that they think it sounds cool to have the person on the other end hear the slots. I guess that they want the other person thinking that they are playing them.

 I often wonder if these people realize that they are costing the casinos money? Think about it. The purpose of the machines is to bring revenue to the casinos, but when the machines aren’t being used, the casinos aren’t making any money, and with the way that they operate. Most people don’t realize that casinos look at each inch of the floor to see if it is being used to make money for them. With the machines being used, it helps to lower the cost of the hotel rooms. When I went up to Oakland a year ago, the price of the room at the dinky hotel that I stayed in would have gotten me a room in this town for 3 or 4 times longer.

 Yes, I know that it is fun to spend time standing around talking with friends and family, but it is also considerate to leave room for people to get by you, or to be able to sit and play at a machine.

 But the same can be said with other places also. It seems that some people just want to stand around and chat while blocking the passage ways for others to walk, and for others to be even able to sit. With my job I find it interesting the number of what appears to be physically fit people who will sit in the seats that are dedicated for those with handicaps or other good reasons. What is also bad to see are people who will block the seats beside them by putting stuff on them, then they will seem to get upset when someone asks them to remove the items so that they could sit.

 When I come across things like the above, I often think about a phrase that appears not only in the Bible but is within other religious beliefs also, that being to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

 I would like to know in the comments below some of the things that people do that just seem to get to you.