Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


What ever happened to Christmas,

should I really care?

It's become Spend, Spend, Spend,

Businesses love the smell of money in the air.


Many different religions will say,

“Hey it was stolen from us!”

But he department stores don't care,

they say,”Just give your money to us!”


There used to be a time when

the season didn't begin until after

the day after Thanksgiving.

What ever happened to “Christmas Club Banking”?


Black Friday, Black Friday,

used to start the day after Thanksgiving,

but at the way things are going

Black Friday will soon start on Good Friday.


“Deck the halls”

we sing with glee

As a Christian I wonder,

is it businesses saying “Yippee”?


Bring back the real Christmas

us what I desire that day,

but for those of you who work n Christmas,

may Santa bring extra presents for you.