Fremont Street Isn't Racist, BUT....

Yeah, I know that it has been a while since I lasted posted anything, but I have been using my tablet more and dislike trying to write with it. I am doing this with one of my laptops, and hopefully will get back to blogging more often.

I thought that I had written about this before, but I cannot find the posting. The post was about how I felt that the Fremont Street Experience here in Las Vegas seems to have a dislike of the Black Culture. I had written the post several years ago, and things really haven’t changed. Now don’t get me wrong, as I enjoy going there, but it still seems to of not come into the 21st Century when it comes to Race.

I went to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. parade several years ago, and I noticed that security around there was far more than usual. I noticed that the number of security guards outside of the casinos was more than normal. I noticed that the number of security and law officers was higher than normal. I noticed that the number of plain clothes security was higher. But there have been several things that have really gotten to me, in fact it is something that causes me not to tell many Black visitors to go down there. One thing that did blow my mind was the fact that they had an Elvis impersonator on one of the stages. Now the guy was good, but in a way, it was an insult to the Black Community in the fact that they didn’t bother to book anything related to the Black Community, and I am sure that they will do the same thing for 2018.

Over the time that I have been here, I have noticed that the Fremont Street Experience has done it’s best to exclude the Black Community as best as it can. I noticed that when it comes to the celebration of other races, it seems to try and be inclusive. Most nights on the canopy with the light show, they use the music from White groups, but I have seen them use music from other non-Black cultures at times when that culture is celebrating something. I have noticed that they will have non-Black groups and acts on the stages that they have up. I have noticed that when the rodeo comes to town, they will play Country & Western music over the PA system. When it comes to putting up banners, they will put things up when it comes to other communities at times of celebration, but when it comes to the Black Community nothing is done.

I haven’t looked at the schedule yet for New Year’s Eve, but I am positive that if I were to look at whom they have schedule for the stages, there will be nothing related to Blacks. But then again, the odds are that they won’t put a list up of the performers to not have others see that they will exclude non-Euros from preforming in any manners.

But I will admit that I do spend time on Fremont Street. It has a party atmosphere at night. What is nice is that some of the White DJs will play music from the Black community, but when it comes to Live performers, forget it. At times places like the Golden Nugget will have a show by a Black performer, and Container Park will have them on their stage, but for the Fremont Experience itself, forget it unless some organization has paid for use of the stage.

But in my opinion, if one is Black, don’t expect to really see anything culturally if you should choose to go down there. Well you will find People of Color Street performers and tourist there, but when you look at the stages it is something that you won’t find.

I have seen Black faces only twice on the light show canopy, once when they were showing a memorial to someone who had died, and there was clearly no way to avoid pictures of the person without Black being in the background, and the other time they were doing a Presidents Day Celebration, so they had no choice but to show President Obama.

I am not expecting Fremont Street or any other place to always be inclusive of People of Color in their presentations, but when it comes to a public venue, at least from time to time throw something out to should that one is inclusive. Don’t insult Communities of Color. If we are truly One Nation, then it must be inclusive to all. If you don’t want to be inclusive to all people, then don’t expect support from those communities.