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Do Polls Really Matter?

 Most likely by the time that you read this, you will have voted and the election is over. Who has won and lost has been decided. Even though we won't have to really deal with people who have announced that they are running for the position, people will be trying to position themselves to become the next nominee for the job, and in about 2 years we will begin to hear more about people who are planning on running.

The Morals Of Today

I guess that it may have to do with my upbringing, but I am wondering what has happened to the way that I was brought up, but I am really beginning to wonder what has happened to the morals that we once had in this country?
I remember as a child we would have to do such things as apologize when we did wrong, speak softly while we are in a library, not blast music at all kinds of late night hours, watch the language that we used and so much more. But lately it seems as though so much of the morals that we had at one time is now gone.

The Voice

In blog is an answer to a question that was asked of me due to something that I had said on Facebook. What I said was “If you could ask me one question, that I would give the total truthful answer to, what would that question be?” Someone asked me why I disliked my voice.

How I got my alias

 There are some people in this world who have wondered how I got the handle St. Clinton. No, I did not pick the name, but it was forced upon me. Let me tell the story of how it came to be.

The Loss Of Art

 I just sat and watched a documentary of Jefferson Davis, then something hit me that I hadn't realized, in this age of technology and film & video, we no longer have the art of painting of the things that go on in our Congress or most forms of the US Government outside of the court system. We have come into a time where what we see of many things is on film and no longer through the eyes of artist.

Life Beyond Earth

 I was sitting here watching some documentaries about life on another planet. Yes I do believe that God created life on other planets, and I don't think that I would be surprised to find out that some of that life looks just like us.