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The Killing of History

Now before you read this, I am warning you now that this has SPOILERS for the film “Man Of Steel” in it, so if you don't want your mind clouded by the things I will say, then go to another one of blogs post and read it. I will do my best not to give many examples, but some have to be given.

What Ever Happened To?

What Ever Happened To?

By St_Clinton


What ever happened to the Militant Poets?

The ones who spoke about the wrongs in the world

The ones that caused the audience to stand up and say “You know it”


What ever happened to the Spoken Word Artist?

The ones who reached into your mind and soul,

The ones who caused you to think like none other dareth


What ever happened to the Societal Lyricist?

The ones who weren't scared to speak about societies truths

The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

By Clinton


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my soul

Letting me know

She feels my truths

She feels my lies

She feels my lows

She feels my highs

She feels my weaknesses

She feels my strengths

But still, she accepts me for me


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my mind

Letting me know

She knows the good in me

Love For Ancestors

Posting a few of my poems

Love For Ancestors
By Clinton

I find it amazing the lack of Love
We have for our Ancestors
in the Black community today.
I wonder what our Ancestors
would have to say
if they heard the words that we use today.

We use a word today
Which brought Terror
in the form of the KKK
But walk and listen
in any community today
and you will hear the word used
during the night and during the day

And The Cable Reality Show Winner is.....

It has been interesting watching cable tv over the last few weeks after not having it in years. I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t have any or desire to have cable when I move, as there isn’t really much of interest on it outside of what is on normal free tv.

Since there is nothing of super interest that is being broadcast on cable tv, I would like to announce that I feel that Family Guy is the Best Reality show that I have seen on cable, and it is really a show that I can watch on free tv.

Her Mother's Eyes

raquel We have all heard about the different tragic shootings that have gone on over the years, from Columbine, Virginia Tech and so many others. We as a society get up in arms over the ability that the killers have been able to get the guns which have been used. But usually a few months will go buy and the furor will have basically vanished.

It's All About ME

I find it amazing the number of people who just think about themselves, and who they seem to be. I am often surprised by people who I think are all about themselves and selfishness, but tend to be givers.

The Return Of Diseases?

Sitting here watching a documentary of dinosaurs, which is real interesting, then for some reason a question came to mind that I am sure that others have asked and wondered about before. I am suddenly wondering is by digging up things like dinosaurs and other animals, along with tombs of those who have died many millenniums ago, are we also digging up and bringing back to life diseases that once thrived upon this planet, or possibly other planets?