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Telephone Numbers

 I don’t quite get it. When people give their telephone number they want to race through it. Someone will call you and get your voicemail, speak at a nice pace through the message, but the moment that they get to their phone number it is like they are in a race. Do people seriously want you to call them back? I don’t get why people need to do this.

I don’t get it

 One of the interesting things about living in this city is the way that visitors seem to act. Now I know that this city survives because of them (and I used to be a visitor also,) and I am not really talking about most them, but the place seems to attract a certain kind that bug my thinking.

  OK, I will admit that I gamble more than I really should, and I have decided that I am going to cut way back on the slots and just play Keno from time to time. Keno is a fun game, and one can play several games ahead, so one can just sit there and watch and listen to the sounds around me.

Racism Isn’t Dead

 I was waiting for the bus as I was on my way to work, just standing there thinking about different stuff, when something in my head told me to turn and look at the poll at the bus stop. There is was, the indication that racism was still alive and apparently well.A photo I took of it is below. With the election of Don Trump as the President, I knew that I would come across racist stuff in some way, but I figured that it would be more of the usual not so open stuff that one usually experiences. This came as a surprise.