The Accolades


Read what his former ladies have to say:

"That guy is a worthless bastard, but I'd sleep with him again in a minute"
- Dayna

"I really hate what he did to me in our relationship, but with the things that he taught me in the bedroom......"
- Roxanne

"The way that he treated me made the men in my country seem nice in the way they treat women. But on the other hand, I've never been with someone so good in the bedroom."
- Sue Lee

"He's such a God Da&$*@!*^!#*(^$)(&$!#$%........ I'll be thinking about him when I'm with my husband tonight"
- Donetta

"I have NNNEEEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRR been with someone who treated me as rotten as he did, well except when we were getting it on, and boy nobody has come as close to how great he was. "
- Ida

"People who are in prison get treated better than the way he did me, but I'd kill just to get some more of his loving."
- Bonita

"I had to spend years in therapy after our relationship ended because of him. Will he be coming over tonight, as I want to know if I should kick my husband out of the bed?"
- Monica

"I don't want to even think about that a$$(*&@$^!)$..... , but then again he can 'jump my bones' anytime he want, and I wish that he would do it soon."
- Mona

"Oh if I could ever find a Latin Lover like him, well except for the way he was out of the bedroom."
- Rosie

"The man thinks that he is a prize worth winning, well at least in the bedroom he is."
- Jessica

"I had to move out of the area just to get away from the power he had over me. He still has it when it comes what I do with other men in the bedroom."
- Felicia

"I would rather not talk about the relationship that I had with him, but call my husband and tell him to drop the kids off at their grandparents for the weekend. I'll be waiting at home in bed showing him some of the things that Earl was so great at."
- Melissa

"He is just pure evil, except in the bedroom where he is a God"
- Salinda

"If I had known that I would run into someone like him, I would have never crossed the border and stayed in Canada. But then I could never get that kind of loving in any province."
- Diana

"I've been trying to get my Congressperson to write a law against letting this country have such a person as Clinton live here, but the way he was in the bedroom should be made mandatury."
- Hillary

"Of all of the films that I made, I was never with someone as supreme as he is when it comes to loving. But outside of the bedroom he is a real (*&#*^$)(@!$"
- Marilynn

"When I deal with him in his writings, I call him Big Teaser, but the things that he did with me with a feather had me calling him Big Sexy real fast"
- Phyllis

"In the bedroom, he proves that 'The Myth' is true, and that is 'he just LOVES to Snuggle'. I have talked with ALL of his former ladies, and they agree. Outside of the bedroom people have a problem with him, but they just don't know the secret of how to handle him, but once you know it you will realize that he is very caring, giving, and will do anything in the world for you."
- Shanelle