The Queen With The Name Of

The Queen With The Name Of
By St_Clinton
Royal is the way 
 that she should be treated
 when a disagreement with her happens
 it should never be heated
Entertain her in a way
 that is always magical
 and be sure to attend an opera
 and surely some classical
Never forget to treat her
 nothing less than like as queen
 for if you treat her that way
 she might be willing to accept your ring
Amazing is the way 
 to describe her smile
 for once you see it
 you would swear that she is a living doll
Treat her like the most precious
 thing that you have ever seen
 surely if you want to win her heart
 you will never do anything that is mean
Always remember 
 that for me
 I believe my dear lady
 is an honor to know thee