Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to just some of the questions that are asked of me or stated about me.
I am going to clear things up here hopefully

1) Are you a member of the Republican Party?
From the age of 18 until about 2007 I was a registered Republican. I never voted a straight Republican ticket in a general election, but voted for the the person and/or issues that I believed in. Yes I always voted in every category, but I always voted in what I thought was right. I am no longer a member of the Republican Party.

2) You desire to become either a Deacon or Priest
At one time I seriously thought about it, but the truth is that it has been something that others have said that I should become one ever since I was about 10 years old. Lately it has been more about becoming a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. It is something that I still think about, but to be honest, it is not something that is real important to me. If I should be ordained, great, and if not, great. At the moment, I think that it would take 4 people to all say that this is what I am suppose to do, and it must come from all four.

3) Are you gay?
First of all, my sexuality is none of your business, but if you really must know, I am Straight. I have no problems with those who are homosexual, but the idea of me being in a sexual relationship with a man is something that I am not interested in, as I like my ladies. I don't talk about the relationships that I am in, as it is something that is of nobody else's business. So if someone else tells you that I am gay, let them know that they are lying and maybe they are questioning there own sexuality.

4) You have never been married?
This is totally true. Even though I have been engaged several times, it wasn't until a few years ago that I realized why I never married. I always compared the ladies that I dated to my childhood love. She is a very a special person. I saw her a few years ago after a number of years, and I realized what was going on with me. Since that time I have found that even though she is still the measuring stick, I know that I could do better. Plus I am a prize worth having, and I am not going to settle for nothing less.

5) You have a large number of children
I don't have a single kid. Yes I do call some kids mine, but they aren't really my kids, and if I were to get them all into the same room, I think that it would be close to 100 of them. At one time I did want to have kids, but my desire for them now is not that strong. If the right lady were to come along, and she desired to have kids with me, no problem.

6) You have pet scorpions?
Yes I have Emperor Scorpions. Emperor Scorpions are those big black ones that you see in movies and on tv. I have lost track of how many of them I have had over the last few years, but there have been quite a few. I have also had a Flat Rock Scorpion and also some Bark Scorpions. I was watching a tv show a few years ago about scorpions, and in one of the segments they were talking about people having them as pets. My interest got peeked, so I did some research and went and bought some. I really enjoy them as pets.

7) How did you get the nickname "St. Clinton"?
A number of years ago I stopped by to see some friends, and there daughter was on MySpace. Her and I have a good relationship,, but we hardly ever saw each other. She was on her computer, and was on MySpace. I decided that I would get an account in order to catch up with her from time to time. I forget which alias I used when I signed up, but at some point I switched it to Clinton. I had joined an Episcopal message board, and at some point people just started calling me St. Clinton and the name stuck.

8) Why don't you like your voice?
I don't think that most people like the sound of their voice. My voice just bothers me, but I know that I can use it to get people to listen to me with it.

9) What are your hobbies?
I enjoy many things. Bicycling, Photography, Computer stuff, walking, Writing and other things.

10) What is your worse habit?
I smoke. I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't go to wild parties, but I do smoke. Yes one of these days I will quit, but the more that people get on my back about quitting the most likely I am not to quit.

11) Who are your heroes?
My dad, mom, sister, nephews, grandparents, god-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, childhood friend, Jessie Owens and a number of other people. I just can't say one person, as I have learned so much from so many.

12) Where would you like to travel to?
I would love to travel more around the USA,a s there are so many things to see. Outside of the USA I would have to say to Mongolia, Australia and some other places.