I guess that it really became noticeable right after the tragic events that killed so many people on September 11, 2001, but it seems as though the United States is in the process of heading towards its end. Now I don’t expect it to happen in the next few months, nor in the next few years, but there is a divide going on in this country which is killing it.
Even though this country has been divided over many issues though its existence, we are seeing a divide that is almost to the level it was before the Civil War. If this country should go into a Civil War again, it won’t be two sides, but three, and even then there will divides among the three. The divide with the second three will result in squabbling, among them, but no huge battling between them like the first three.
The war that will take place will be between the Conservatives, the Liberals and the Moderates. The Moderates really won’t want to be involved, but the other two sides will give them no choice in the matter.
We are seeing the early stages of the war no. If you watch the news, and especially if you watch the political talk shows, you will see the battle between the main two sides. The Conservatives will spend their time complaining about the Liberals, and the Liberals will spend their time complaining about the Conservatives. When they are together, they will spend their time bashing each other. Each side is so determined to prove that they are right that they fail to find what they have in common and work on trying to bring all sides together.
How will this war end? It will take other countries to slice the USA up into parts and into new governments to run the countries. Take a look at the now defunct USSR and you will see how the USA will be. Canada will have new territories, Mexico will get back some of the land that they once had, but the USA as a whole will be a thing written about in history books far into the future.
How can we stop this from happening? Put and end to people giving “Talking Points” and the people of the country really need to stop voting for people who mainly talk about how Conservative or Liberal they are, but are willing to work towards things that will benefit ALL of this country.

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