Over the last few years I have noticed a number of sites have added this thing where you can log onto the site via your Facebook and/or Twitter account. Not long ago I used another computer to get onto the Internet, and I used Google Chrome to do it. What I found interesting was that all of my bookmarks were available to me. This surprised me, and it bothered me. When I finished on the machine I made sure that I logged off of Google Chrome.

As much as the idea is nice as it makes it means not having to remember passwords, I think that this is a very dangerous practice in that you could find not only your Facebook account hacked, but other sites that you go to also hacked. Oh yes I can hear companies saying how this is something that should stay, but the truth is that they will use it in order to try and make money off of you, but this is a hacker’s dream. By people doing things this way, it makes it so much easier for hackers to be able to go in and get your information.

Sometimes I will get asked why I have so many email addresses? I use them for different purposes. For a number of sites I don’t use my main email address, but use another address that I have. One of the nice things about having ones own domain is that you can create email addresses based upon a website that you aren’t sure about. I have left websites who have sold their email list, and the reason that I know that they did was because the address used by other companies have sent it by the address used.

Now Microsoft tried the same thing a while ago where it wanted all of the websites to use a Microsoft ID, but it didn’t work, but for some reason it seems to of worked for Facebook and Twitter. I have been on sites where you are suppose to be able to be anonymous where one has the option of logging on through ones Facebook account.

I’m wondering how many people will have to have their accounts hacked and identities stolen before this practice comes to an end. If you have the choice with a website to use your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or any other site besides the sites, please be careful.

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