What Ever Happened To?

By St_Clinton


What ever happened to the Militant Poets?

The ones who spoke about the wrongs in the world

The ones that caused the audience to stand up and say “You know it”


What ever happened to the Spoken Word Artist?

The ones who reached into your mind and soul,

The ones who caused you to think like none other dareth


What ever happened to the Societal Lyricist?

The ones who weren’t scared to speak about societies truths

The ones where you say to yourself, “I am glad that I am hearing this”


What ever happened to the Reality Rhymers?

You know that ones that could write one about a life of a tree

And you sit and wonder, “Is this about me?”


What ever happened to the true talent?

The ones who could write more than pornetry,

by giving us a taste of there intellectuality.


What ever happened to the true wordsmiths?

The ones who could also talk about This

Not just about That.


What ever happened to those who would be original Thinkers?

Not the ones who had some good original works

But most of the stuff in their works is just stinkers.


I know that they say things will cycle around again

And maybe they will do works that inspire me and you

But at the moment I sit and wonder, “What ever happened to…?


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