Sitting here watching a documentary of dinosaurs, which is real interesting, then for some reason a question came to mind that I am sure that others have asked and wondered about before. I am suddenly wondering is by digging up things like dinosaurs and other animals, along with tombs of those who have died many millenniums ago, are we also digging up and bringing back to life diseases that once thrived upon this planet, or possibly other planets? Now I am not saying that we should stop searching into history in this way, as I believe that the more that we do the more likely will will find the proof of the existence of God that so many seem to demand. But then again we could discover that God doesn’t exist, but either way the work that is being done is very important.

But I do wonder what else are we discovering that we don’t realize that we are, as they are things that we we really don’t think or cross our minds to consider. Are we overlooking life forms that existed that we really don’t recognize as being life forms? Have we actually come across cures for diseases like AIDS, HIV, Cancer and other things that we have simply overlooked because we have been focused too much on something else?

Our problem as people I think is that we think that we know so much because me have managed to create so much, that we don’t really look for things, and are in a way way too scared to find things that we really don’t understand. We seem to be so focused on prizes, fame and notoriety that simple things that we should noticed go undetected. In the Bible, part of the focus that Jesus had was one children, and if you spend real time with children you will realize how they really don’t need much to be happy and to understand something. What is the most popular thing that really young kids seem to enjoy the most when it comes to gifts? It’s not the toys, but the boxes, as it allows them to use there imagination. How did Jesus sum up all of the Commandments? He told us to Love God, Ourselves and our Neighbors.

We as humans make many things more complex than we really should, but when we really think about things, or do things, we realize how simple many things are. One example that I will use for you to think about his cooking. Think about it. We look at a recipe or something that has been cook, and we think that it is something very difficult to cook, but once we see how to make it, it has become something that is very simple. Some of us think and say how difficult it is to learn another language (I’m one of them,) but in reality many of us know and speak more than one language. We know the language of our jobs, the streets, our family, signs and in many other things. We really want to make things more complicated than they really are and are unwilling to look at other possibilities.

One of the things that has really bothered me over the last few years is how complicated we have attempted to make the entertainment that we watch on TV and in the movies, and how we have basically forgotten to look at how simple things are. Ever since Star Wars came out a few decades ago, both TV and Movies have become do addicted to special effects that the simplicity of stories have been lost. I find myself at times not watching the main things put before us, but the things in the background that we really aren’t suppose to be paying attention to when they are on screen. I find it amazing as to some of the small things that we aren’t suppose to really notice, and how the logic of the stuff doesn’t seem right.

I am wondering if we were to look at the dirt and other stuff that are on the bones of dinosaurs and other things from centuries past if we will find the cures for things that we are spending trillions of dollars looking for those cures. Could it be that injecting a small drop of the dirt and bones of dinosaurs into the body could cure man types of diseases?

But I wonder what type of things we have released upon the world from opening up graves and other things that have been sealed shut? Could it be that in the past the way that people would stop others from robbing graves and disturbing graves was to create a type of chemical that would slowly kill the person slowly over time, and because we think that we are so smart and feel that those in the past weren’t as smart as us that we are suffering as a result? Since we really don’t understand or know much about animals of the past, they could of chosen to do it?

So, what diseases have been released upon the planet?

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