¬†Most likely by the time that you read this, you will have voted and the election is over. Who has won and lost has been decided. Even though we won’t have to really deal with people who have announced that they are running for the position, people will be trying to position themselves to become the next nominee for the job, and in about 2 years we will begin to hear more about people who are planning on running.

But there is something that I am really hoping will happen by the time we get into the final stages of the election will be that someone will do a poll that has a fish having a better chance of winning the election over those running. Seriously, I think that it would be interesting to see what all of the pundits would have to say.

I’ve tired of hearing about polls, as I truly believe that they aren’t really reliable and actually have way too much power in an election. Because the press keeps pushing polls, I think that they influence how people vote and people really don’t pay attention to what the people who are running for office really have to say on what they plan on doing if elected.

 Imagine after all of the polls are talked about for the vote to be so far from what the polls have said. Oh I am sure that it has happened in the past, but if asked I am sure that the press would have all kinds of excuses as to why it was wrong, but then again I would guess that they would simple change the topic and not answer as to why they were wrong.

Why should we really care about what the polls have to say? Why and how does a poll really help someone decide how to vote if they haven’t bothered to pay any attention to what the candidate have said they will do in office if elected? Isn’t just paying attention and voting as the polls go making us a non-thinking society?

We as a society seem to rely way too much on polls, when in reality the only poll that really counts when things are over is the way that people vote in the end. I hope that you have or will go out and vote, and I really don’t care who you vote for, but vote for the people that you feel will represent YOU in the position.

What do you think?

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