I guess that it may have to do with my upbringing, but I am wondering what has happened to the way that I was brought up, but I am really beginning to wonder what has happened to the morals that we once had in this country?
I remember as a child we would have to do such things as apologize when we did wrong, speak softly while we are in a library, not blast music at all kinds of late night hours, watch the language that we used and so much more. But lately it seems as though so much of the morals that we had at one time is now gone.
I was riding a bus not to long ago, when a guy got onto the bus and took a seat that faced the aisle. Nothing unusual or wrong about it, but then he proceeded to stretch his legs out ago the aisle, and as people would come up him, he wouldn’t bother to bring them back so that they could get by without having to worry if they were going to trip and fall over. He finally did pull his legs back when someone with a baby stroller rang into his legs.
What is nice about riding BART in San Francisco during the commute times is that people will get into lines to board the trains. What people will also do is to step aside (but still move up) if the train isn’t the one that they want, in order to let those who are boarding get on. I find it funny at times that there are some people who will try and break through the ones who have stepped aside in order to board, and often the ones who have stepped aside will say something letting the person know that they need to get into line. Most will then get into the back of the line, but others will pretend that they don’t understand English and try to get through anyway.
As I write this, I am sitting in a library and there are a couple of guys show are speaking very loudly. They are in the DVD section, and one of them is speaking loudly trying to find a DVD, as he puts it, “showing animals eating each other.” The other one points out the film “The Color Purple” and the other one says that he “doesn’t want to watch any films with Colored People in it.” There is a very attractive young lady sitting not far from me, and we look at each other and laugh a the guys comment. I am also hearing people talk who are about half way tot he other end of the library. Now I don’t mind people talking in the library, but when they are talking in a low voice.
Lately one of the local drug dealing gangs has decided that they want to do there trade in front of the building that I live in. Oddly enough I don’t mind it much (even though there is a nice empty spot right up the street where I think that they would actually get neighborhood support if they were there,) but I kind of think of them as the neighborhood protection, as they have actually prevented crimes from happening. My landlord is a frail lady, and when she comes down to walk her dog, if they don’t walk with her, they walk not to far behind her to make sure that nobody bothers her.
But lately they have gathered around 9pm until 2am or so talking loudly and/or blasting their music. It wouldn’t bother me if they did it every once in a while, but it has gotten to be almost a daily thing. At one point it was daily, but I think that someone just had a baby, and the father is the uncle of one of the guys and came out and reached into the car and turned the music down. The person’s whose car it is got upset, and an argument took place. I had to laugh when it came to the argument, as one of them threatened to call the police on the other. Since that time I have noticed when they do get into arguments about certain things, they will threaten to call the police on each other.
I have also noticed more people cussing in everyday language. Now it is not often that I will swear, but I find it amazing at how dumb people sound when they do it. As I was walking home the other night, some kids swore at his father. I don’t think that my parents have ever heard me use a swear word, and even today I couldn’t swear at them. Now I don’t put the entire blame on parents on this, but on Hollywood, as they try as often as possible to put as much swearing into television show, movies, music and other forms of entertainment as possible. I find it funny at all of the youth that I hear who basically are trying to be the next big “Hip-Hop/Rap” star, but all of the lyrics that they say are full of cussing. They don’t seem to understand that if a radio station were to play their stuff, most of their stuff would get bleeped out.
I have also noticed so much more in churches how manners seem to be falling away. I have watched (and have experienced) others come up with ideas only to have them stolen and claimed by others. I just had this happen not long ago (again,) and I think that I will have to put out ideas from time to time that I know will be “stolen”, but I know will fail in the end making the other person look really stupid. Oh sure they will try to lay the blame on me, but people’s boosting will only hurt them in the end.
Oh I can go on and on, and I am sure that you too can add stories yourself, but what has happen to Manners in this country and throughout the world? Why is it that women seem get shocked when I hold a door open, or give up a seat for them on a bus? Why it is that people just can’t stand in a line in order to do things in an orderly and faster matter? When did we forget to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”
But most importantly, think to yourself and ask yourself in what ways you can have better manners and morals? I would love to read what you have to say in the comments below…

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