I just sat and watched a documentary of Jefferson Davis, then something hit me that I hadn’t realized, in this age of technology and film & video, we no longer have the art of painting of the things that go on in our Congress or most forms of the US Government outside of the court system. We have come into a time where what we see of many things is on film and no longer through the eyes of artist.

 We now live in a “CSpan” world where what goes on in Congress & Parliaments really don’t have that special magic that the world saw through those paintings. We no longer read articles about battles that occurred and look at paintings and imagining with our minds the person really saying the stuff that we read. We now turn on our televisions and watch stuff on the Internet and see the actions that occurred in these houses of laws.

 When was the last time that you went into someone’s home and saw an artist portrait on them or someone in there family hanging on the wall? When was the last time that you looked at a photograph of someone and looked at it in the same way that you would look at it like you would if it had been a painting?

 A program is on now that is about Native Americans and showing paintings that were done at the time, and those paintings are telling a story that pictures and videos of today that aren’t duplicated. Oh sure it would be nice to be able to see the reality of what was going on, but it is hard to get certain details that an artist can get.

 Yes we still have artist today who do capture things in there paintings and sketchpads, and one of my favorites is Lorielle New, and I do see a number of others artist around, but I want to see those paintings from within the buildings where laws are made telling me a story that a digital picture can’t.

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