Maybe it is just me, but I am trying to figure out why people want to screw things up which are perfectly fine in the way that they look and operate. Over the last four or five years it seems as though the aim of software people is to make things more and more unusable. It seems as though they have forgotten the basic “KISS” thought. You know the term, “Keep It Simple Stupid.”


I first noticed it with the Microsoft Office products. They had such a wonderful product that anyone could use, now it seems impossible to figure things out. Things were very clear as to how one gets to stuff, now it seems like you have to have a Doctorate in order to figure things out. I think that it took me about 3 years for me to be able to figure out how to simply save something. Who knows how long t would take me to figure out how to do some of the things that I used to do. I like others have simply switched to Open Office and other like products, as they are so user friendly.


With all of the changes going on with Facebook and it’s look, I am so happy that Google+ has come along. When I first went onto Facebook about 5 years ago, it looked so good and was great to use. Things were easy to find., and it looked so nice. But they keep changing it. The more that they change it, the worse that it becomes. Now they want to do this “Timeline” thing that has made it into something that is only going to make it worse and worse. Now I know that the Press and Businesses are pissed with Google because they have made it so hard to be able to promote crap that people have no real interest in and that they can’t control like they did with MySpace and now Facebook, but Google played it smart and used the KISS method where it really is user friendly.


About 10 years ago, I hear about this thing call Linux. Very few people used it, but it was catching on. I finally saw it and was impressed, but I choose to stick with the Microsoft products as Linux had what I felt was a learning curve that I had no interest in learning. At some point a few years later, I bought a computer that had a version on it that really impressed me, but for what I had bought the computer for I had to put Windows onto it.

Not to long ago, I was doing something and the idea of moving to Linux came to mind. I checked it out at a few places, and I was still impressed. The desktop that I had at the time was giving me problems, and I figured that it would be a good machine to convert to Linux. Then one day the machine simply just died. I ended up with another machine, which was older, and I tried different flavors of Linux and found on that I really liked, so I stuck it onto the machine.

Now because the machine didn’t have all of the hardware needed, and because of other reasons, I discovered that I couldn’t use the full version of the Linux distribution that I had. I tried another distribution, and that one had a problem with the one area that I needed. Well, to shorten this story, I ended up with another computer and things went great.

I noticed that when I went t o do an update that it said that a new version had come out of the Linux distribution. “Great” I thought to myself, so I installed it via update. I now wish that I hadn’t bothered to do the update, as now it has lost the great things about it. Started looking online who how to change it to the other desktop, and I did find instructions on how to do it, but the things that I am suppose to use doesn’t exist in what I have, so I am looking at either having to deal with the new setup or go and reinstall the old version from the jump.


The software and computer industry doesn’t quite understand why it has been having trouble. I expect that some day Apple will turn be trying to figure out why people aren’t buying the newest products. Some will say it is because of the death of Steve Jobs, but the truth of the matter is that people will tire of the changes that will of occurred and simply stop buying. The software and hardware companies really need to stop and have a seriously deep talk with others outside of the usual suspects when they are going to make huge changes.

Yes I am for change and new innovation, but they really need to think about the loss…



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