Sitting here watching the news and they showed Michelle Bachmann, who is running for President of the USA., then suddenly I began to wonder about something.

 I remember 4 years ago this country was just starting to gear up towards the election of a new President and people were announcing there nominations. Among those running was Hillary Clinton, then one of the Senators from New York and former 1st Lady of the country. Straw polls and types of polls where done that said she would be her political party nominee. The news and the talking mouths on the political shows were saying how scientific these pools were, which to me means that I should take no value in them. But anyway, Sen Clinton was the person to beat in the political party she was/is in. This little known Senator, Barak Obama really had no chance.

 Sen Clinton had her catches phrases and most  of the hype, and on a daily basis we would her about her on the news. She would show up in different states at different events. People would clammer around her. She was sure enough going to become the parties nominee.

 Then out of nowhere came this guy named Barak Obama. I think that people thought of him as a type of novelty act who was running, and he really had no chance. He had his catch phrases, good looking guy, great family, etc. One thing that people did say is that he had no experience so he shouldn’t be elected. Well it was really the “Talking Heads” who were saying that, but then it happened to their surprise. He won a primary. Over time, well we all know what the end result has been.

 But through all of this, it was interesting to watch what happened with Hillary Clinton, as she had to change up on things in what she was saying and doing in her campaign, as I think that the people had become so tired of her catch phrases, the amount of news coverage, etc that she people lost interest in her.

 I will admit that I really did become interested in her and her views, and if she had won the nomination I would of voted for her, but that was not to be.

 As I was watching the news a few minutes ago, I suddenly wondered about Michelle Bachmann. All I seem to hear from her is her catchphrase that President Obama will be a “one term President”. She talks about being a conservative, but I really don’t hear anything that she can really do to change things in the country.

 Then a something hit me that is so true that people had been saying about President Obama. She has NO experience as President of the United States. None. Zilch, Nahdah, Zero. Think about it. in 2008 the Republican Party said over and over again how important it is that we elect someone with experience, which tells me that I have no choice to vote for President Obama.

 But I also wonder, will Michelle Bachmann become the next Hillary Clinton in the end? Are we seeing Hillary Clinton II ? hmmm, I guess that we will see.

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