I find it amazing the number of people that I hear who talk about “Thinking Outside Of The Box” who in reality really don’t, as they are so far into sticking to there comfort zone that they really don’t see it. After watching the video that I posted of a talk given by Bryn Drescher, I am beginning to realize how much I also do that myself. Maybe it’s age or something else, I don’t know. But over the last few days I have been trying my best to step outside of my box as much as possible.

 Ever since I had my first website, each site has pretty much been the same in many ways. Yeah I have built them from the ground up, but I never really have taken them a step further, as to do so would mean that I would have to step outside of my comfort zone and let people know more about me than I wanted them to know. Some people knew some things about me, while other people knew other things. The sad thing is that the people who think that they know me the best (outside of family and people that have known me all of my life,) are so clueless as to who I am. Oh they think that they have figured me out, but how little do they know.

 The other day I decided to make a change, and that is with my personal website. I actually went and changed it to a different format. I have actually posted some of my poetry and short stories, and have written more about myself than I have ever before. I really like the fact that I stepped outside of how I had been making sites, and am really pleased with what I have put together. Now all that I need to do is to take even further steps with my web design.

 The one thing that I haven’t done ever since I have lived in the area that I do is to have a library card. I had been stopping by the library quite often lately, and today I finally got a library card. When I got the card I did something that I have rarely done, and that was to flirt with someone that I found really attractive. Now she isn’t as attractive as a certain someone, but I stepped outside of my comfort zone to do it.

 As I walked back form the library, I began to wonder how some people really survive and feel good about themselves when they basically refuse to step outside of their zone? I know a person who finds it impossible to admit that they errored and will even blame their upbringing and parents, along with any other excuse to the can think of instead of simply apologizing for their action(s). I really pity this person, as they have driven people away from them who have ended up talking with others who could have a major effect on their future. I am at the point where I am simply going to let them continue to dig their own grave. They talk about stepping outside of comfort zones, but yet they stay in it themself.

 But I am going to try my best to live as much as I can outside of my comfort zone. I am going to do this by being the person who drives my life and not let others drive it for me. I, through the help of the Holy Trinity, am going to do what is best for me. Oh I am sure that some people will say that I have changed, but it will be because I am no longer allowing them to drive my life in the way that they thing that it should go, as it is time for them to take a look at their own life.

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