Maybe it’s just me, but the more that I listen to the “Conservatives” in this country, the more that I realize that they really want to go back to the caveman times. Seriously. A true conservative could never accept anything new, as it is impossible, as to do something new and to come up with new ideas requires a Liberal mind and thinking. The Conservatives don’t want anything to change, but to always remain the same. It takes a Liberal Mind and thinking to accept such things as ending slavery, women’s rights, the Internet, and so much more. The so called Conservatives bash new ideas and ways, but when they see that they are being left behind, they rush up wanting to be apart of it. Ok, I will be nice and say that they only want to go back to the years when Ike was President.

Funny, the Conservatives are all against abortion because they say that it is killing, but yet they have no problem with sending people into battle to kill and be killed. They have no problem with putting out poisons to kill such things as mice and rats, but they talk about the importance of  life. They have no problem with cutting down trees, picking flowers, or hunting, but aren’t those life forms that they are killing?  The Conservatives will go out and have sex for pleasure using protection, but isn’t that killing sperm? You know that stuff that fertilizes eggs.  A Conservative could never wear the latest fashions, because creating those would require new ways of thinking.

I already know that I may hear from people defending the Conservative Movement defending themselves, but they really won’t stop and think about what I have just written. I know that I could also hear from those who claim to be Liberal, but even they have their goofiness that I might right about someday. But these are just things that have come into this Moderates strange thinking.


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