Even though I had been on the Internet back in the 70s, I really began to seriously use it around 1990, back when people would use it through BBSes to use Usenet. Usenet was such a wonderful thing where one could meet people and have great conversations. I tried to tell people about it and that it would be the future, but people wouldn’t take it seriously.
 I remember making business cards for myself that had my email address on it and people would ask me what it was when they saw it. I would explain it to them, and like the rest of the explanation about the Internet itself, people would say that they saw no need for it and having one.
 But things have changed, and I have watched those who swore they would never be on the Internet seem to live there lives on it now. As I watched the growth of the Internet, I began to watch as what was a great place to spend time become so commercial and so misunderstood by people who came onto it. I have watched as people who weren’t using it back when people mainly used it just for Usenet were now being called “Experts” on the internet, have explained things about the Internet and have no real clue as to how wonderful the Internet once was.
 I remember downloading the very first web browser when it was a Beta, then seeing things come up on screen through it. Microsoft was great in those days, as one could FTP into their site and download programs and updates from them that others had to wait until they were in the stores to get.
 With the early websites nobody knew what that word was, but people had “Web Journals”, I even had one, but someone came along and put what they thought was a cute term on it.
 Watching things on the Internet has been interesting. I have watched as it has killed jobs and businesses, it has become more and more dangerous to use, and the value of it has really dropped. But the Internet has had some great things happen on it.
 There was a trending topic on Twitter called #whenihadamyspace recently that got me thinking about the things that I have done and gone through here on the Internet. I remember a day when a guy that I was working with told me about this place called Friendster. I recall my reaction in that I thought that it was something that wouldn’t last and was nothing but a fad. I went and signed up on it anyway, and found it interesting, but I didn’t go often. Then one day I visited some friends and their daughter told me and showed me Myspace. I signed up just to keep up with her from time to time, but I found some interesting stuff to do. After spending some time on it, I decided that I would look to see if there were other sites like it, and came across Facebook.
 When I signed up on Facebook, there were very few people on it, and some people on MySpace felt I was thinking that I was to good for them and that they would never go into it. But I was tired of MySpace because it was the “In Thing” to do and people were jumping onto the bandwagon of MySpace. But soon I noticed that those who were downing me for going to Facebook were there themselves.
 Facebook soon became the “In Place” to be, and now it is falling to Twitter and others.
 But now I wonder where I should go next and spend my time? Will I soon find that places like The Experience Project overrun by people who now think that it’s the “In Place” to be, along with the media making claims on it also like that have with other sites?  Maybe I should give up the Internet and go out and remember the days when I lived without it?
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