When I was a child, my parents brought me and my sisters up surround and seeing many different things in life. It wasn’t just one style of music, but many. We saw all kinds of plays and movies, and experienced many other things. One of the things that they did was to bring poetry into our lives. As an adult I realize that they did it so that we didn’t live in a limited world.
About 18 months ago, after drifting in and out of it I came back to the world of Poetry and Spoken Word. even though I went to the site for other reasons, I found poetry shows on Blog Talk Radio. I was in a strange mood and wanted to hear some of the old kind of snooty poetry, but I came across a show that had modern day poets and poetry. I got hooked. I found myself listening to many different poetry shows, and even got back into writing it. Then I began to realize something. More and more I was hearing what one person refers to as Pornetry. When I first started hearing it, it was interesting, but then I realized that more and more I was hearing it The open mics I was listening too were becoming more and more less fun to listen to, as I it seemed to be more and more so called poets and spoken word artist dong nothing but Pornetry. Maybe it’s my age, but it is becoming tiring to listen to.
The show that I was most addicted to listening to was only doing open mic a couple of times a month, and it played an interesting mixed of poetry and Spoken Word. Her show would remain in the number one position in the Poetry category. But the format has changed and I find it hard to listen to now, as it is person after person calling in and spitting pornetry. 
 This pornetry thing has grown tiring. 
But something else has been bugging me with the poets and SW shows and that being the lack of support that they seem to have for each other. But this is also true of others that do shows there and at other online “radio” places. I watch as people will come into the chat room and/or will call in, spit a piece, plug their show and leave. Seems to be a real lack of support for show host. I noticed it with my own show. With my show, I have only played my own tracks twice, but I find it funny that when I have asked for them to send tracks to me to use on my show, most of them don’t. it would seem as though they would want publicity for themselves, but I guess that they don’t.
I have also noticed a drop in shows. It used to be that I could listen to 30 or 40 different shows, but now it seems to be harder and harder to find any that have stayed around. With most of the shows that are still around, most of them aren’t really worth listening to in my opinion, as they are full of so much pornetry.
Well, if you ever get a chance, come by www.gemjin.com one Tuesday at 6pm Eastern if you are interested in hearing poetry that isn’t just porn….
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