So you claim to be the person who got President Obama to show his birth certificate to the world, then in your press conference and at other times you have complained about China… I have a suggestion to you Donnie Trump, have your company stop buying stuff from China. Don’t put Chinese Made stuff into your hotels, apartment buildings, casinos, etc. Take some of those billions of dollars that you have an open up factories in the United States and hire on US Born citizens.
 You do realize that with what you have done that the rest of the world is laughing at us for the stupidity of this whole thing. You are helping to make this country a joke to the rest of the world. There are so many things going on in the country where good can be done, but instead of just telling the press that you have no comment about this issue and think that it shouldn’t be talked about, you help to make the rest of the world look at us as though we are a joke. 
 Here in a world where kids are bullying other kids, and kids are killing themselves over being bullied, you act like a bully towards the President of the USA. How sad you are.
 Oh, but you want to have it checked out now. Why don’t you take the money that it would cost to have it checked out have give it to a place that cares for battered women? How not give it to a program that feeds the hungry? Oh I can hear you now, “But I give a lot of money to charity….” You sure do, but it appears that you can give more.
 But I am not blaming you for the whole thing, I also blame the press and other news outlets that even bothered to talk about this issue. Come on press, you could be talking about people and organizations that are doing great things in the world, but no, you act like a bully yourself by bringing us stories like this…
 Ok world, let’s see what we can do to help make things better for EVERYONE….
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