I am sure that this is true with other websites, but Skype and those other sites really need to think. I am setting up my ex-boss’s computer for his trip back to New York, and I figured that I would at least download Skype and install it onto his computer, but not sign him up for it. I figured that by doing it this way, it would give him the option to sign up for it if he wished, and have the software already on the machine. But NO. In order to install Skype, you have to sign up for it first. What Idiots!!! Hey Skype, let people install the software without having to sign up. I bet if you were to do that, you would actually get more people to use it. Imagine if youth were to install it onto there parents and grandparents machines without them having to sign them up, how many of those people would click on it to see what it was and actually end up using it.
 But then again, maybe Skype isn’t looking to actually be a business that makes money…

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